Maybe you're...

...just like I was - eating the right food, avoiding sugars, getting enough sleep – but you’re still lacking that get up and go? That bounce out of bed feeling has disappeared! 

... running after kids day or working the corporate grind (or both!) and the list of jobs just keeps growing, and you wonder if you’ll ever have the energy to keep up with life?  

Perhaps that niggling digestion and bloating issue that has been bugging you still is there and you’re not sure what to do about it.  

I used to be like that too, until I added probiotic drinks into my life. 

I started making my own probiotic drinks at home out of pure necessity.

Sick and tired of being sick and tired I started my research phase which introduced me to the importance of gut health.  

I learned that a probiotic rich diet can help restore balance, strengthen your immunity, boost your energy levels and lead to glowing skin. It was worth a go, so I began in my kitchen, with a baby strapped to my chest and another on the bench.  

I spent hours tasting, mixing, stirring, listening. It was a slow and steady start but soon my energy returned and I seriously felt incredible. Fast forward 5 years, not only did I get my health back in spades, but I've been invited to stock my water kefir range at over 200 boutique health food stores across Australia.  


I was also invited to write a 200 page Recipe book, which has been published internationally and is fast becoming a best seller.  

I’ve had my work showcased across many incredible platforms like Food Matters, Marie Clare, Vogue, Sporteluxe and many more.  

I’ve also taught fermentation with Celebrity Chef Pete Evans live in front of an audience of over 2000 people across Australia.  

  "A much needed book for every person's home and the kids are gonna love it too!" Pete Evans, Celebrity Chef, Author and Television Presenter  

  “Super excited about this beautiful new book. All you need to start making kefir, kombucha, kvass, jun, honeymead and more… " Jody Scott, Health Editor, Vogue Australia

"What a beautiful book landed in my mailbox this week! Felicity has put her heart and soul (and true grit!) into this piece of work!! If you're into gut health you're going to LOVE this book. Congratulations Felicity! Something to be truly proud of creating! I love it!" Helen Padarin, BHS Naturopath, nutritionist and medical herbalist, Nourish-ed

"Probiotic Drinks at Home is the perfect book for anyone looking to improve their gut health and overall immunity. She covers everything from Kombucha to ginger beer.” Lee Holmes, Supercharged Food and best selling author

But getting on the road to reach my goal was not easy. 

When I taught myself to make these probiotic drinks, it was super frustrating!  

Hours of googling took me down a long and complicated path with all this stuff and steps you really don’t need.  

I wasted so much time, money and frustration because things didn’t always work out!  

There’s a lot that I wish I knew when I was starting out that might have made things a bit less frustrating.


But I knew I had to share this beauty with the world! 

I would love you to access the energy that comes from making your own probiotic drinks at home, without going through the pain of trial and error. 

I’ve decided to create Kitchen Alchemy, a world first online course, that will show you all the tips and techniques to confidently make these drinks and treats.


Trust me, I’ve been making this range of drinks every day for years now.  

I know all the shortcuts, without sacrificing any quality in these drinks. In fact, scientific reports prove these drinks have billions of active probiotics in every bottle. 

It’s gonna save you hours of time, a tonne of cash at the check out (have you seen how much probiotic pills cost??) and it’s gonna give you the confidence in fermenting.  

Kitchen Alchemy includes everything you need to know about confidently making probiotic drinks at home and everything you need to release the inner Kitchen Goddess in you. 


Here’s what you can expect from Kitchen Alchemy 

  • Modular videos which demonstrate step by step procedures of making these drinks: 


A probiotic tea based drink + how to flavor it + troubleshooting, FAQs, techniques and so much more.


Delicious collagen and probiotic rich gummes/snacks – perfect for lunchboxes! 


Plus coconut water kefir + how to flavor it + troubleshooting, FAQs, techniques and so much more.


Milk kefir, milk kefir “cheese”, probiotic sour cream, cultured cream (using dairy and coconut milk/cream, so its suitable for vegans) + how to flavor it + troubleshooting, FAQs, techniques and so much more. 


Anti-inflammatory probiotic turmeric tonic + how to flavor it + troubleshooting, FAQs, techniques and so much more. 


A delicious sugar free liver cleansing tonic + how to flavor it + troubleshooting, FAQs, techniques and so much more.  

  • Premium troubleshooting support
  • Fermenting diary so you never miss a thing 
  • Access to a group with other dedicated Kitchen Goddesses so you can share and connect with other like-minded friends.  
  • Access to all my fail safe guidance via the private facebook group.  

So join the waiting list now so you get to know first when I launch it!  

About Felicity  

Felicity Evans is an 'Alchemist and Creator', and infuses beauty into everything she does. 

Her company, Imbibe Living, produces a range of organic water kefir drinks which are stocked in the best health food stores in Australia. 

Her debut recipe and “how-to” book called Probiotic Drinks at Home is fast becoming an international best seller.  

It’s available in all good book stores, David Jones, Myer and through online sellers like Amazon and Booktopia.  

It’s released in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and in early 2018 will be released in the USA and in translation in Europe.

She's mumma to little people, wife to a surfer and in love with living life vibrantly.

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