Take the next step after green smoothies, with probiotic drinks for gut health. 

From kombucha to kefir, ginger beer to honey mead - learn to confidently handcraft your own beautiful elixirs and transform your health, one ferment at a time. 

Fermentation guru Felicity Evans provides step-by-step instructions to make a range of 50 delicious probiotic drinks.

Incuding expert guidelines and troubleshooting tips so that you'll soon be brewing delicious drinks to make your gut happy. 


  • Why gut health is important 
  • Why probiotics matter 
  • How to nurture your gut 
  • Understand good and "bad" fermentation 
  • Pages of troubleshooting and FAQs so you can confidently ferment at home

There are over 50 recipes and the book is almost 200 pages so you will never get stuck fermenting again!

Dedicated chapters covering how to make these probiotic rich drinks:

  • Water kefir 
  • Coconut water kefir 
  • Milk kefir 
  • Honey Mead 
  • Kombucha 
  • Jun 
  • Root Beet 
  • Ginger Beer (and ginger bug)
  • Pineapple tepache

"A much needed book for every person's home and the kids are gonna love it too!" 

Pete Evans, Celebrity Chef, Author and Television Presenter 

EVERYTHING Felicity does is beautiful – her Probiotic Water Kefir Range, the Kombucha & Kefir DIY Kits, and now her stunning book!"


Alison Morgan, Relauncher, Business Coach

"This book is 'off-the-charts gorgeous'! So so so proud of you and so happy to get your book in the post! Labour of love for sure! This in incredible!" 

Alison Nicholls, The Whole Daily, Nutritional Medicine Practitioner 

Pure Alchemy, by a Divine Alchemist... in a beautiful, awe inspiring & ever so easy to follow book! Your glorious essence is vibrantly bubbling off every page!"


Nicola Robinson Evans, Nutrition Mermaid

"Looks amazing & what a great resource to empower people to make their own gut healing probiotic drinks!"


Dr. Jeremy Princi, Holistic Lifestyler

“Super excited about this beautiful new book. All you need to start making kefir, kombucha, kvass, jun, honeymead and more… "


Jody Scott, Health Editor, Vogue Australia

"What a beautiful book landed in my mailbox this week! Felicity has put her heart and soul (and true grit!) into this piece of work!! If you're into gut health you're going to LOVE this book. 

Congratulations Felicity! Something to be truly proud of creating! I love it!"


Helen Padarin, BHS Naturopath, nutritionist and medical herbalist, Nourish-ed

"Probiotic Drinks at Home is the perfect book for anyone looking to improve their gut health and overall immunity. She covers everything from Kombucha to ginger beer.”


Lee Holmes, Supercharged Food and best selling author

Lemon and Ginger water kefir, Bery water kefir

Ginger bug to make Ginger beer

Rapadura & cinnamon spice shake, and Persian mint drink

Earl grey kombucha

Fizzy roots beet

Probiotic vanilla milk kefir milkshake

Vanila, Winter Spice and Rosewater Honey Mead

Old fashioned probiotic root beet

Ginger and Galangal Jun

Beautiful liver cleansing Beet Kvass

Book cover - that's my passionfruit vine from my garden!

Rosewater and Chia seed water kefir 

Persian princess rosewater & saffron water kefir, and Summery watermelon & mint water kefir

Healthy pina colada kefir

Jun with raspberries and Jun with passionfruit

Oolong kombucha with fragrant peach

Pineapple tepache

Goji berry and tutti- frutti coconut water kefir

Apple crumble shake, Chocolate cashew &chia shake, milk kefir banana milkshake, and berry milkshake

About The Author

Felicity Evans is an 'Alchemist and Creator', and infuses beauty into everything she does. She wrote this book so that you can confidently unlock the secrets to fermenting your own probiotic drinks. 

Her company, Imbibe Living, produces a range of organic water kefir drinks which are stocked in the best health food stores in Australia. 

She also has cultures for sale and runs an online course called KITCHEN ALCHEMY, teaching you how to make these drinks. 

This 200+ page recipe book inludes detailed notes and explanations about every part of fermenting that you will ever need to know, so that you can start confidently and successfully fermenting your own probiotic drinks at home.


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